Jan 4, 2015 ~ by Michael Dorrance

Your Elevator Pitch

“Hello.” Five simple letters. The single word that starts a conversation. So you want to grow your business in 2015? Awesome! For all of you who have been to networking events, Meetups or even a party at a friend’s house, what is the natural next question from a stranger or new contact? “So what do you do?” Enter opportunity! The Elevator Pitch.

Your Elevator Pitch

The first step is to be confident in the value you bring. As a new or even an established business, you need to have a clear definition of who you are and what value your bring. In the world of startups, it is known as the “Elevator Pitch.” An Elevator Pitch is a simple, clear definition of who you are and your value proposition. Can you explain your business to a client, prospect or complete stranger in the time it takes to ride an elevator, 30 seconds to 2 minutes?

The Elevator Pitch sounds easy to deliver but it takes time to build and practice. Your Mission is a great place to start. Your Mission is quite simple, why does your business exist? Mission Statements are typically composed of 3 components:

  • Your target client.
  • What product or service do you provide?
  • What makes your product or service special?

At NeuvoCreate, our mission is “To provide companies with the creative resources and tools to compete and succeed through 12 month strategic marketing solutions.”

The second part of the Elevator Pitch is your value proposition. Why a client should hire you? What makes your business unique? What is the pain point that you solve? This is where you tend to muddle your words. As a business, you can do many things and you might even think that you are the best at every one of them. Take a step back and look at your business from the Client’s perspective and try to answer the following:

  • What are their business challenges?
  • How can you make them more successful?
  • How can you make their business better?

You clients MUST have a pain that needs to be solved or an itch that needs scratching. You will find it difficult to stay in business if your product or solution does not speak to your client. This is where early customer interviews are crucial to your solutions, but this is a whole other topic we will discuss in the future. We believe this is your opportunity to let your passion speak, share your enthusiasm and inspire the client or prospect to want to further the conversation or at least exchange business cards.

At NeuvoCreate, we understood that there were many marketing solutions for any business to consider. We found that the pain point was two-fold:

1. Strategy- What should we even do?

2. Execution- How will we do it?

First, we work with companies to develop a strategy focused on achieving their business goals- increased traffic, lead generation, market awareness, brand refresh, etc. The second phase is execution. We do it for you. We are not selling products, we build solutions. Many clients already have websites, we help through updates and SEO. For some clients, they want to build leads so we write copy for social media, blogs, white papers and brochures. Logos, print materials, websites and web applications are all built around a unified strategy over 12 months. We are able to bring a top down, outsider’s perspective to building our clients businesses.

So the second half of our Elevator Pitch is: “We think from a top-down approach. Your business goals and objectives drive our creative marketing solutions through GOAL DRIVEN DESIGN and PURPOSEFUL EXECUTION. You focus on your business and we focus on executing the plan. No more forgotten websites, stale blogs or dated brochures. Consider NeuvoCreate as your personal marketing department. However, we think of ourselves as your Business Growth Partner.”

You CAN grow your business in 2015. Look back at your Mission, or even define it for the first time, and make sure that it is still the same. Next, define your unique value proposition through your client’s perspective. Finally, practice, practice, practice. Talk to your friends and family and make sure that they understand it because if they do, then your clients and prospects DEFINITELY will.

Build your confidence to have an inspired conversation about what and why you do what you do through your elevator pitch. Remember, nobody knows or cares more about your business than you, so share it. “So what do you do?” “Thanks for asking. We ….”