Feb 13, 2015 ~ by Michael Dorrance

Thoughtful Marketing

As we look further into 2015, we have taken a step back to think about what it is going to take to move the marketing needle. This past year we had the unique opportunity to work with Strategic Enhancement Group and their 30th Anniversary Celebration which was actually a Virtual Birthday Party. A what? Seriously, a Virtual Birthday Party and it was awesome!

Thoughtful Marketing

A series of parties may not move the needle in 2015 but they can if you focus on what we call Thoughtful Marketing. What is Thoughtful Marketing? The premise is simple, it begins with a sincere “Thank you.”

Well that was easy, “Thank you for your deep marketing insight.” Drop the microphone and walk off the stage. My point is simple, where does the majority of your business come from?

Do you know?

Statistically speaking it probably falls into the 80/20 rule. 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your clients. Does that number scare you?

How long does it take to prospect and gain a new client? 1 day? 1 month? 1 year?

What is the economic cost? Marketing? Relationship Building? Proposals?

What if you turned 2015 into the year you committed to growing the business opportunities within the other 80%?

Logical, right, but how?

How have you made a major purchase in the past? Do you remember? What drove you to hand over your hard-earned cash in exchange for the good or service? Was it the product itself? The price? Or was it the salesperson who took the time to answer all of your questions and show you the best solution for your goal?

Unless you were buying a product at Walmart, my guess is that you appreciated the good service you received and chose to purchase. So how do you let your customers know that they matter to you and you care about their success?

Here is a list of 10 ways to say “Thank you” and engage your clients in Thoughtful Marketing.

  1. Send a personalized "Thank You" email for the past year, better yet, mail a handwritten note. Sending a handwritten note shows that you care enough to take the time to craft a simple note of appreciation.
  2. Share an article you thought would be of interest to them. Begin the email, "I read this article and thought that it might be of interest to you."
  3. Have you asked your clients about how you could be of greater value to them? You may be missing an opportunity to expand product offerings or point them into a proper solution.
  4. Endorse them on LinkedIn but only if it is a sincere interaction. Increase your credibility and theirs by endorsing and writing a recommendation for them. Offer them the opportunity to share a connection with them through an introduction. Build your mutual professional network.
  5. Take your client out to lunch. Build your relationship on a more personal level. People enjoy doing business with people they like.
  6. Share a tip with them that will give them a competitive advantage. Everyone has a different social circle and that provides the opportunity to share leads or tips to unknown information.
  7. Invite them to a networking event. Professional development is imperative to stay relevant in today’s economy. Make introductions and enjoy some light conversation as you continue to build your relationship.
  8. Follow up after the sale. I’m sure that you enjoy a simple follow up call or email to see how the product delivery or post-purchase experience is like. Extend that same level of service to your clients.
  9. Use your company website to build links between each other. Improve everyones SEO through logical and applicable links. Share a blog post link within a blog post or even list them as client, it is good for you both.
  10. No matter what the interaction, be genuine. Do not have a motive for your invitation or interaction. Mutual trust leads to mutual benefits.

Thoughtful Marketing is not hard but it does take time and a genuine interest in building your client's business first. Some call it karma, luck or even destiny but you can be in charge of your fortune by focusing on thanking everyone along your path to success.

When is the last time you said “Thank you!”?