Jan 13, 2015 ~ by Michael Dorrance

5 Reasons You Should Share Your App Idea

It doesn’t take long to see the reality of the tech scene. To say that the path to a successful idea launch is linear would be a complete lie. Every idea is different. No market is the same. Does your potential customer even value the idea/product/service?

If you have ever been to a meetup or visited a tech coworking space you will end up talking to someone that is working on something “BIG”. So you are intrigued by their confidence but they will not budge, not without a NDA.

A non-disclosure agreement? Really?

5 Reasons You Should Share Your App Idea

Here in the real world of coding and building apps, NDA’s don’t mean a thing, Validation does. I think that there are 5 better reasons to tell everyone about your idea instead of holding it all to yourself. 

1. Find out about your competition.

The truth is you only know what you know. You probably only talk to 5 different people a day and you have a natural tendency to seek facts that support your idea.

On more than one occasion, a new potential client has sat down with us to explain how their idea is the x of y but different. We will then proceed to do our own Google search with them and show them a competitor already in the marketplace.  

Is this bad? I don’t think so. 

It shows that you are not alone in your thinking. Someone else in the universe had the same pain point and DID something about it. The key is to learn more about:

  • What are they doing, exactly?
  • How long they have doing it?
  • Do they appear to be gaining any traction?
  • What type of marketing are they doing?
  • What are they doing right?
  • What could make their idea better?

After you have time to process all of that information, you can step back and take a fresh look at your idea and the path that you intended to take. 

DON’T reinvent the wheel,  learn from the competition!

2. Practice Your Pitch.

At your next social gathering when someone asks you what you have been up to, don't be humble and say your typical “Not much” response. Don’t stop talking about your idea until everyone has heard it, better yet, they are telling each other about your idea. IF your friends can tell others about your idea then you have NAILED your pitch. 

Pitch? Elevator Pitch is a more common term. Can you thoroughly explain your idea in 30 seconds or less? Will they “get it” in the time it takes to ride in an elevator? 

Keep testing different versions until they start shaking their head up and down in agreement with you. If they are look like deer the headlights or their eyes are glossed over, try again. 

Practice truly makes perfect. Your confidence also increases the more you talk about it. Own your idea!

3. Get Feed Back

So your friends and family are nodding in agreement. Great. But then comes the worse part, feedback. Typically in the form of “Why?” or “So it is just like xyz.” or even worse “Like this app on my phone?” Keep your chin up! This is normal feedback.

I know. Easier said than done. The reality is no one wants to talk about an idea that could draw criticism, especially from friends and family. 

Outside of your mom, friends and family are typically your toughest critics, for better or worse. They do not have the same social filters a stranger is going to have. Grow some thicker skin and listen hard. Take notes and think about their feedback both positive and negative. 

I guarantee there is a nugget of truth that you were not thinking of in their thoughts.

4. Positive Peer Pressure

So the next party comes up and you are a bit nervous to go. You KNOW everyone is going to ask “How is your idea coming along?” 

Why is this bad? Unless you haven't done a thing about it. 

Are you being an idea building poser? Do you not have what it takes? Are you scared? 

On any given day you might answer yes to any of them but I know that you are different. You are going to go to that party with a link to your landing page. A mock up on your phone and a business card to hand out. You might have done all of those business building processes and that would be great but even if you do just one of them, you are moving forward. 

Progress is good. Rome wasn't built in a day. Every step is a step forward. 

Answer your friends and family honestly, they will have your back. You might learn some new stories about your uncle when he was younger. You might also here the “I wish I had done when I was your age” comment. 

Remember,  peer pressure can still be positive.

5. Inspire Others

Despite your apprehension to go to the party, I guarantee you will come in looking like a hero. 

Your hard work and commitment to bringing an idea to life will rub off on others. Your commitment to progress is contagious.

Your quiet cousin in the corner might share his idea with you and ask your opinion on it? 

A friend might ask you for advice on what he should do next? 

Another might ask you one of the personal questions that no entrepreneur likes to answer, “How are you doing? Really, how are you doing?” 

The truth is that is you are probably tired, stressed and scared. Share your true feelings and you will earn their respect and admiration. 


Turning a vision in your end into a product or service is a high risk endeavor. You know this but you embrace it. Others see your hard work and dedication and are inspired. 

Remember, own your idea!

Shout it from the rooftops!