The Power of Community

I like to go to Meetups. What's a Meetup? Meetups are neighbors getting together to learn something, do something, or share something. In active startup communities or more urban areas Meetups are prevalent. Simply go to Meetup.com online and use your zipcode to find a Meetup in a subject that you are interested in. Ideally you will find a Meetup that is focused on your explicit business idea. Believe it or not, you are not alone in your quest for knowledge, camaraderie or validation. There are 7 billion people on the Earth, so you are bound to find someone like you.


Minimize Your Startup Risk

My friend Mike and I just finished hosting our first Meetup, the Chicago Swift Meetup and it could not have gone better. A great group of people took time out of their own personal time to come to the very first Meetup to learn more about what we were going to offer them. The beauty of adult learners is that time is a precious commodity and they want to maximize the value that they can extract.


Building the Business of You

We often get asked “What can I do to grow my business?” My suggestion is to start building your personal brand. “My Personal Brand?” Yes, your personal brand is the building block of your business’s branding because it transcends your business to increase your ability to grow outside and beyond the reach of your organization. As a potential client, how do I know that you are the right fit for us? Or imagine if your business needs to shut down, how will you move on to the next phase?

Lets explore five ways you can start building your personal brand today.


Thoughtful Marketing

As we look further into 2015, we have taken a step back to think about what it is going to take to move the marketing needle. This past year we had the unique opportunity to work with Strategic Enhancement Group and their 30th Anniversary Celebration which was actually a Virtual Birthday Party. A what? Seriously, a Virtual Birthday Party and it was awesome!


5 Reasons You Should Share Your App Idea

It doesn’t take long to see the reality of the tech scene. To say that the path to a successful idea launch is linear would be a complete lie. Every idea is different. No market is the same. Does your potential customer even value the idea/product/service?

If you have ever been to a meetup or visited a tech coworking space you will end up talking to someone that is working on something “BIG”. So you are intrigued by their confidence but they will not budge, not without a NDA.

A non-disclosure agreement? Really?


Your Elevator Pitch

“Hello.” Five simple letters. The single word that starts a conversation. So you want to grow your business in 2015? Awesome! For all of you who have been to networking events, Meetups or even a party at a friend’s house, what is the natural next question from a stranger or new contact? “So what do you do?” Enter opportunity! The Elevator Pitch.